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The Green Policy Center, established on the occasion of the 50th Earth Day in April 2020, aims to promote a meaningful dialogue on sustainability, climate policy and other environmental issues, in order to achieve the 2050 climate neutrality goal.

Our mission



We all live in a world facing an unprecedented ecological crisis. We cannot change this fact, but together, the various communities and sectors of society and the economy can act to preserve the values of our world. Our ambitious goal is not only to support, but also to catalyze the achievement of climate neutrality by 2050 by identifying relevant good practices and providing concrete advice.

Huszár András

Schaffhauser Tibor
co-founder/climate policy advisor

Nyírő Fanni
junior expert

Policy and research

During the work of the Green Policy Center, we continue to produce innovative ideas, policy proposals and research with the involvement of our own staff, experts and recognized professionals in their field. Our goal is to examine the issues of the ecological crisis and climate-neutral, sustainable social transition and to develop proposals in these fields.

Concrete action

We need concrete solutions and practical steps so that by 2050 Europe can become climate-neutral and sustainable and we can preserve the beautiful natural values. Along this line, the Green Policy Center supports the elaboration and implementation of the identification of specific project ideas for the public, private and civil sectors too.


We can already see that climate change is contributing to the increase of various existing threats affecting Europe and Hungary within, so it is important that we also face the security challenges of the ecological crisis. To this end, the Green Policy Center prepares risk analyses, impact studies and professional recommendations so that we can keep our children safe for the decades to come.

„Natural resources, in particular arable land, forests and the reserves of water; biodiversity, in particular native plant and animal species; and cultural artefacts, shall form the common heritage of the nation, it shall be the obligation of the State and everyone to protect and maintain them, and to preserve them for future generations.” Fundamental Law of Hungary

about us



The Green Policy Center was established by sustainability and climate change professionals with extensive administrative and business experience in mapping and addressing domestic and international sustainability and climate policy challenges. They all have in common the will to create a climate-neutral and sustainable Europe based on modern, green solutions.

The staff of the think tank has many years of experience in climate policy and sustainability consulting and strategy development in both the public and private sectors. They participated in the establishment and assessment of domestic and international strategies, action plans, legislation and projects. They have an extensive network of contacts in both Hungarian and international sustainability circles, so they can provide well-founded and diverse solutions to emerging environmental challenges.

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