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The effects of climate change on the German parliamentary elections – discussion with Wiebke Winter, member of the National board of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany

Tibor Schaffhauser | 2021.12.22.

The 2021 German elections has shown that being conservative means conserving the values of our planet, so people still want to vote for conservative parties while taking a stand on climate protection, said Wiebke Winter, board member of the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and co-founder of Klima Union during the KLíMA - Green Policy Minutes podcast.

Evaluation of the COP26 Glasgow Climate Conference – meeting and not meeting expectations at the same time

Tibor Schaffhauser | 2021.11.18.

The COP26 in Glasgow did almost everything it could, but in the same time it didn’t. This is a short summary of the outcome of the 26th annual Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the COP26 in short. We at the Green Policy Center have evaluated the results of the conference shortly below, while the most important topics are explained in more detail in the following article. At the end you can also find a gallery of our personal impressions of the COP26.

Carbon neutrality in the Energy Community – Drivers and policy proposals

Tibor Schaffhauser | 2021.07.09.

While a growing number of countries announce their 2050 climate neutrality pledges and Contracting Parties of the Western Balkans have already committed to this target by the adoption of the Sofia Declaration, concrete long-term plans of action are still to be made. A new study of the Green Policy Center provides recommendations on how to set up long-term strategies to reach a climate-neutral future in the Energy Community.

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: expectations and implications for the CEE region

Tibor Schaffhauser | 2021.07.08.

The European Commission has long been preparing and feeding information to the public on its new climate instrument to even the international trade playing field for European companies, the so-called Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). After the proposal has been leaked to the press lately, the Green Policy Center had a look at the text to see what it could mean to the CEE region.

On the way to COP26 – Results of the June 2021 intersessional climate meetings

Huszár András | 2021.06.29.

The latest expert-level meeting of the subsidiary bodies of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held from 31 May to 17 June to discuss important issues before the Glasgow COP at the end of this year. It was a session “full of firsts”, the conference was held online and it lasted for three weeks for the first time in the history of international climate negotiations. Moreover, this was the first formal session where no formal decision was made.

It is high time to talk about the details of creating a climate-neutral Hungary

Huszár András | 2021.06.01.

Legislation stipulates that Hungary would reach the state of climate neutrality by 2050. With this, Hungary was among the first countries in the world to set this important goal in legislation, making it mandatory for all Hungarian stakeholders. Of course, many people do not even understand why climate neutrality is important and what does it actually mean for them.

Fit for 55 – will it be fit for all? Expectation of the CEE region on the new EU climate legislative package

Tibor Schaffhauser | 2021.05.28.

The European Council has reaffirmed its invitation to the Commission at its most recent meeting to develop a legislative package to reach the new climate ambitions of the Union – a work already long in the making under the title “Fit for 55”. At the Green Policy Center we have looked into what this new Commission package will include and what could it mean for the CEE countries.

It’s time to put climate targets first

Huszár András | 2021.05.04.

Legally binding reduction targets for member states should be the unequivocal starting point of making EU laws fit for new EU climate targets. Based on a new distribution formula, national targets should continue until climate neutrality is achieved in 2050.

Looking back on the Green Policy Center’s year 2020

Tibor Schaffhauser | 2020.12.30.

We at the Green Policy Center have imagined the year 2020 quite differently, just as all of us. Nonetheless we have achieved during our first year of operations quite a lot; we have published articles, started a series of studies, organised public events, participated on conferences and were active on our social media outlets.

Introductory event of the Green Policy Center – “Protecting what’s Beautiful and Useful – a conservative way to preserve nature”

Tibor Schaffhauser | 2020.10.01.

We must face environmental challenges realistically via the reform of capitalism. Denial and alarmism are the wrong ways for extremist political communities. These were some of the key noteworthy thoughts mentioned during the first public event of the Green Policy Center, which took place online on September 28, 2020, with the author of an analysis, Dr. Gábor Bartus and his interlocutors.

A series of studies will be launched in Autumn 2020 to promote social dialogue related to the creation of a climate-neutral Hungary

Máté Olti | 2020.08.11.

The Green Policy Center plans to produce and publish a series of studies from Autumn 2020 with a view to foster a comprehensive dialogue on sustainability and climate change. The aim of the series of studies is to provide analyses that examine the connections between Christian-conservative philosophy, values, environmental and climate protection in order to […]

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