Renewable Energies in Hungary – Opportunities and Challenges ahead
Author: Tibor Schaffhauser

The European Forum for Renewable Energies (EUFORES) organizes a National Parliamentary online workshop on Renewable Energies with Hungarian Energy Experts. The workshop focuses on the Hungarian National Energy and Climate Plan, Green Deal and Recovery Plan for Hungary on 29th October 2020.

Members of the Hungarian and European Parliament, government officials and experts in the field, gathered to share their experiences and discuss the energy transition progress in Hungary.

The event will compromise of 4 sessions, discussing the following topics:

  • Opening Session;
  • Setting the ambition for Renewable Energy Sources for Hungary;
  • Towards a new and sustainable Hungarian energy system;
  • Shape and Fund the Renewable Energy Transition in Hungary – a link to the current context of the COVID-19 crisis;

The Agenda is available in English and in Hungarian.

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