Presenting the study: Carbon neutrality in the Energy Community – Drivers and Policy proposals
Author: Tibor Schaffhauser

Loss of water resources affecting agriculture and forestry or the access to quality drinking water; rising temperatures creating favorable conditions for the outbreak of vector-borne diseases and transitional population migration – climate change is already having its negative effects on the Contracting Parties of the Energy Community, and inaction will even have further even harsher consequences on them. The new study of the Green Policy Center gives recommendations how to set up long term strategies to reach a climate neutral future.

A new study by the Green Policy Center

  • examined the international requirements towards CPs, such as the climate neutrality target of the Paris Agreement,
  • assessed the positive effects including economic aspects and co-benefits of setting up and implementing climate neutrality targets,
  • assessed the economic costs of no actions.

The paper looks into the political, environmental, and economic aspects of a possible climate neutrality target in the Energy Community while providing an overview of already existing long-term strategies submitted to the UNFCCC Secretariat. It provides some lessons learned for the Contracting Parties to consider. The study was funded by the European Climate Foundation.

Subjects and speakers:

Janez Kopač, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat
József Feiler, Regional Director of the European Climate Foundation

Presentation of the study:
Predrag Momčilović, Faculty of Geography in Belgrade
András Huszár, Director of the Green Policy Center


Technical details for participation:

Friday, 9th of July 2021, 09.00 CET
Meeting ID: 957 5860 8141 Password: 423364

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