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Sustainability and climate policy analyses and research to lay the foundations for climate-neutral social and economic operation.


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“What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up? This question not only concerns the environment in isolation; the issue cannot be approached piecemeal. (…) Why are we here? What is the goal of our work and all our efforts? What need does the earth have of us? (…) Unless we struggle with these deeper issues” – says the Pope, “I do not believe that our concern for ecology will produce significant results.” Laudato Si’ Encyclical Letter


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It is high time to talk about the details of creating a climate-neutral Hungary

It is high time to talk about the details of creating a climate-neutral Hungary

Legislation stipulates that Hungary would reach the state of climate neutrality by 2050. With this, Hungary was among the first countries in the world to set this important goal in legislation, making it mandatory for all Hungarian stakeholders. Of course, many people do not even understand why climate neutrality is important and what does it actually mean for them.

Climate-neutral Hungary 2050 Conference

Climate-neutral Hungary 2050 Conference

We would like to invite you to a momentous online conference on 3rd June 2021 on achieving the 2050 Hungarian climate neutrality target, organized by the Green Policy Center and the Equilibrium Institute!

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