CEE Sustainable Finance Summit
Author: Tibor Schaffhauser

The CEE Sustainable Finance Summit aims to ignite the discussion about sustainable finance and the opportunities it offers for Central and Eastern Europe between 17-21st May 2021. The event is co-organised by the Green Policy Center.

The Summit is co-organised by like-minded organisations from the region and the Green Policy Center, inviting financial sector professionals, policy makers and key stakeholders from business, politics and civil society to join the discussion about how to unleash the potential of sustainable finance. This Summit will also serve as a space for networking and exchange of experience between the different countries of the region.

Key topics to be discussed at the summit will be:

  • EU Taxonomy: Dawn of a new era?
  • European Green Deal: Does the CEE region stand to benefit? 
  • SMEs and sustainable growth: how to support SME growth in CEE
  • Supporting sustainable innovation
  • Sustainability and banking 
  • Development banks & regional impact growth
  • Central banking mandates and climate change Zeitgeist
  • Sustainable investing: ESG and beyond
  • Sustainable cities
  • Just transition: key elements for transforming industry in CEE
  • EU ETS – using the proceeds for building prosperity 
  • Carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM)
  • Financing green energy transition

You can find the agenda, list of speakers and further information on the dedicated homepage of the event:


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