Climate-neutral Hungary 2050 Conference
Author: Tibor Schaffhauser

We would like to invite you to a momentous online conference on 3rd June 2021 on achieving the 2050 Hungarian climate neutrality target, organized by the Green Policy Center and the Equilibrium Institute!

The apropos of the Climate-neutral Hungary 2050 Conference is the first anniversary of the adoption of the Hungarian Act on Climate Protection which set the Hungarian climate neutrality goal for 2050. In addition, the National Clean Development Strategy, Hungary’s long-term climate strategy until 2050, is expected to be adopted in 2021. These documents provide the framework for Hungarian climate neutrality efforts, but we need to fill them with concrete ideas and steps.

The one day online event will focus on the overarching questions of reaching climate neutrality, but will look into thematic areas as well, such as its social, economic, regional and non-governmental aspects as well and have a dedicated section on the policy-making responsibilities. 

Panelist will be key actors, regulators, various social groups and stakeholders in the economic sector, including:

√ Frances Way – Executive Director in the High Level Climate Champions Senior Leadership Team
√ Attila Steiner – State Secretary, ITM, Hungary
√ Erzsébet Schmuck – President, Committee on Sustainable Development of the Hungarian Parliament
√ Csaba Kőrösi – Director, Directorate for Environmental Sustainability of the Office of the President
√ Diána Ürge-Vorsatz – Vice-chair, WG III, United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
√ Gabriela Fischerova – Climate action director general at the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic
√ Sharon Turner – Visiting Professor, University College London

Registration, detailed program and more information can be accessed at the webpage of the event:

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